It’s time.

What if we could diagnose as little as one percent of new ovarian cancer victims earlier in their cancer’s progression?

Imagine if just one percent of the nearly 200,000 women who will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer over the next decade could be warned about the disease’s presence in their bodies by as little as one year before it develops into its next stage.

Or, if as little as one percent of the more than 132,700 women who will die in the next decade from ovarian cancer could be spared that end result, or have their lives extended by a few more months or a few more years because they were able to react to an early warning about their illness.

Now, imagine if the victim who was NOT warned about the disease as early as they could have been – was your mother, sister, wife, daughter – or you.

Would it matter?


In the next hour, two women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and another 36 will die from it by midnight tonight.